Modern Living: What kind of grass do you have?


A Perfect Lawn

As we've noted before on FOX10 Modern Living, mowing your yard shouldn't be a random endeavor. You need a sharp blade and the proper cutting height. Unfortunately, Steve Mainous with U.S. Lawns, told us quite a few people get things wrong from the start.

"They don't know the types of grass they have, whether they've got Bermuda, zoysia, St Augustine, or centipede," Mainous said. "Every one of those grasses takes a different fertilizer and also a different cutting height and a different mowing frequency. And if you don't know those things, you do more damage than good to your lawn."

Grass Varieties

Mainous broke down the basics of each type of grass.

"In your shady areas a lot of people are using Palisades zoysia. It can stand good traffic. It can stand good shade tolerance. The next would be St Augustine for a good shade tolerant grass. If you got an area that's got a lot of shade you got to have something that doesn't need as much sun. And then centipede falls in the medium range. It can take some shade, loves sun, it's a really good grass for all-around purposes.And absolute full sun people use a lot of Bermuda there kind of like where you see on Gulf courses and stuff like that where it is all sun all the time. They can cut it low and have a small knap to it and that's the most successful grass for a full sun area."

Fertilizer Required

It's also good to know the exact fertilizer regime for your variety of grass.

"We do a pre-emergent in the winter time to kind of stop the weeds from coming up in the spring. We do a post-emergent in the springtime to get the weeds that we missed. And then we do four fertilization applications all throughout the year depending upon the climate," Mainous explained.

Yeah it's not simple. So it never hurts to ask a pro for more help if you want your lawn green all season long.

Terminate Pests

Mainous also says that pests need to be treated regularly to keep you lawn healthy.


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