Moore religious supporters clash with reporters after press conference

Reporters clash with Moore supporters following press conference. Source: Lauren Walsh ABC 33/40

Embattled Senate candidate Roy Moore making an appearance with "Faith Leaders" Thursday in Birmingham. He was digging in and dodging questions.

"What I want to do in this campaign is very simple, get back to the issues," said Moore.

Moore was the last person to speak at the event. He did not take any questions, even though plenty were asked. Religious and conservative leaders, all coming to Moore's defense calling the allegations false and blaming the Washington establishment. Moore did the same.

"As you know The Washington Post has brought some scurrilous, false charges - not charges, allegations -- which I have emphatically denied time and time again. They're not only untrue, but they have no evidence to support them," said Moore. "The Washington Post is certainly not evidence."

Things got testy after Moore finished speaking. Reporters tried to ask him some questions, but Moore wasn't having any of it and neither was his faithful supporters.

The event was billed as a "press conference" so we thought Moore would be answering some questions, something he's only done once since the allegations came out. But he didn't. His supporters, on the other hand, had plenty to say after the speeches wrapped up.

The conference was hosted by Faith2Action President Janet Porter and Dr. Steve Hotze.

Porter: "We want questions regarding the issues... So let's see if we can break into something and not handle anything else about unsubstantiated allegations."

Despite that request, Moore faced the inevitable.

Porter: "We're here to talk about issues. So if anyone has questions about issues..."

Reporter: "The major issue here is Judge did you touch these women who have accused you of touching them? Just answer the question unequivocally. This is a room of faith, God is listening to you too. Answer the question please."

Porter: "He's already answered the question."

Reporter: "No he hasn't. Have you ever touched any of them, sir... Let him speak -- he's running for Senate Ma'am. Hush!"

At his wife Kayla's insistence, Moore left the stage without answering a single question.

The back and forth between the media and Moore's religious supporters continued in the hallway. Reporter Lauren Walsh with ABC 33/40 recorded it and posted the exchange to Twitter.

Pastor: "Why did you ask the questions when we did not permit you to ask the questions?"

Reporter: "Because it's the question that all of us want to know."

Pastor: "That's not why we gathered here. You have violated the reason why we gathered! You did not abide by our rules!"

Woman: "We wanted to hear what he had to say about the issues... And you did not allow it because you are the fake lying news from the swamp."

Dr. Alan Keyes, religious commentator: "He could answer that question a thousand times... And if a thousand accusations were made, he could answer every one a thousand times and you would prove yourself a liar - by claiming... that's precisely the question."

It got ugly and heated as the faith leaders got personal.

"Look at this guy look at his face... Sir, you are an angry, old little boy... You are -- look at your face," said Flip Benham, Director of "Operation Save America."

As Moore avoids reporters -- he's leaving his supporters to fight his battles and face the tough questions.

Reporter: "Do you think there is a reason he hasn't categorically denied dating teenage girls in high school when he was in his 30s... Do you think there is a reason for that?"

Benham: "I don't know."

The Alabama Republican Party released a statement saying they support Moore and will let voters of Alabama decide. Meanwhile, President Trump also believes it's up to the voters, even though the White House says the President finds the allegations "very troubling."

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