Having surprise packages delivered to your door...sounds nice...right? That is unless you're the victim of a far-reaching scam.

"Everyday I was getting a package...they were coming everyday." 

Former Fox10 News Anchor Renee Dials says over a seven day period, a total of five Amazon packages were delivered to her house. Not one did she order.

"Most of the items they sent were things that I wouldn't keep," Dials explained.

Wayward packages Fox 10 News can't even show on air.

It's called brushing, according to the Better Business Bureau it involves sellers creating fake accounts and ordering their own merchandise to be sent to random addresses in an attempt to boost their reviews.

Once delivered, the seller can write a legitimate-looking “verified purchase” review.  Why, because positive reviews increase sales. 

But how does it happen? "They [Amazon] said the reason they were able to do it was because they [scammers] had gained access to my email," Dials said.

Through phishing scams hackers can gain access to your email and use your email address to request new passwords for your accounts that gives them access to your full name, address, and other sensitive information.

It's not an easy fix.

"I had to change the email linked to my Amazon account, cancel my bank card and order a new one, plus change my Amazon password," said Dials.

Amazon is investigating multiple reports of this issue. The source of the scamming could tie back to previous international orders. 

Fox 10 News received the following statement from the online retailer:

We are investigating this customer's inquiry about unsolicited packages, as this would violate our policies. We remove sellers in violation of these policies, withhold payments, and work with law enforcement to take appropriate action.

Brushing Scam

Dials wasn't left on the hook for the charges, and with no order number and no return address on the rogue delivery, she says Amazon told her to keep the items, or donate them. She offers the following advice to anyone reading this: pay attention,

"We have to take extra measures to protect ourselves, secure our email, change your passwords...and check your account to see what orders are placed...and check your bank accounts too."

It is important to report if this event happens to you. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, you should also change your password or even ask the post office to hold your packages.

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