MOBILE, Ala. (WALA)- The Mobile City Council making it official. Chief Paul Prine takes over as the new man in charge of Mobile Police.

A 26-year law enforcement veteran, Prine previously served as captain of the 3rd precinct. District one councilman Fred Richardson says crime went down 26% percent under Prine's leadership.

“To have such an officer as that to lead the whole police department that can probably implement some of these programs you used in district one," said Richardson. "I believe we’ll see that same 26% drop in crime across the city.”

Violent crime is a big issue in the Port City. Mobile Police already investigating 43 homicides this year.

Chief Prine says he plans to use some of those same strategies from his time at the third precinct including intelligence-led Policing which uses real-time information to address crime.

“If we have a particular area that’s a hot spot for violent crime, it’s imperative that the command identifies where that problem is and sends our resources to it," said Chief Prine.

The idea is by focusing on these hot spots within each beat, officers will be able to prevent problems in the future.

“Versus patrol sending out a blanket response and trying to address all the problems that go within a particular community, but being laser-focused on what that problem is," said Chief Prine.

While he acknowledges it will take some time to cut back on crime. Chief Prine believes things will start to turn around soon.

“Obviously, we didn’t get here overnight," said Chief Prine. It’s going to take some time, but hopefully, over the next coming months we’ll start to see that gradual decline.”


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