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Jeans have been around since the late 1800's.

Originally designed for miners, it took a century for denim to catch on as a fashion trend. Reporter Bob Kennon takes us back to when denim first hit the fashion scene in Mobile. 

Inside the “FOX10 News Vault”: Feb. 1975

These are just a few of the Mobile people wearing the fashion world's hottest selling item: denim, or jean material. Although it's mostly the young in Mobile, the fabric is being bought and worn by all ages nationwide. Most stores in every shopping area sell denim in their clothing department. Now there are many stores dealing exclusively in the former working man's attire. The price of denim is now 50 percent higher than it was a year ago simply due to demand. The seven textile mills in the U.S. producing authentic denim are working 6-day, 24-hour a day weeks to keep up with the sale of everything from jeans to business suits. People in the denim sales business say the denim sales phenomenon is due to a need for more Americans from all lifestyles to get out from under the pressure of today's problems.

One shop owner says, "I just think people want to relax. They work hard all day. They want to get away from their problems, tired of dressing up all day long. They just kind of like to take it easy."

Reporter asks, "It's a good business to get into right now?"

"Sure, I've been in it for about 4 years. It's still doing a bit of improving all the time."

Denim is now acceptable for almost any occasion. A new group of textile tycoons and young businessmen are making millions on the new acceptability. The prediction for denim in '75 by men's fashion experts is better than most other economic predictions. This is Bob Kennon, Channel 10 News Beat."

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