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44 years ago, a new construction project was underway in downtown Mobile. The Sheraton Inn, currently the Holiday Inn, was the talk of the town when 6,000 pounds of steel slipped off the construction roof! Reporter Bob Kennon takes you back to 1975 for this one. 

Inside the “Fox 10 News Vault”: Feb. 1975

About 6 thousand pounds of steel, reinforcing rods, piping and tools being lifted to the construction area of the 14th floor of the new Sheraton Inn slipped and ended up hanging on the edge of the roof today. Workmen say the crane engine overheated, the lifting palette dropped. Luckily the 3-ton load of steel dropped slowly. The operator got it down partially on the roof. Construction was halted. The area evacuated except for men working to get the crane back into operation and securing the hanging load to the building. During that operation, a box of tools and material on the load dropped to the ground. Construction officials brought in another large ground crane and were going to try and transfer the load to it. The accident happened before noon. The ground crane transfer attempt did not begin until late this afternoon. This is Bob Kennon, Channel 10 News beat.

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