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It's a treasure trove of memorable stories from decades past.  

This week, you're getting a front row seat to a "drug burn". Our archive footage reveals three hundred pounds of marijuana and pills set on fire by Mobile Police over 40 years ago. Nowadays, drugs are disposed of in a more structured way.

Reporter Bob Kennon takes you back.

"Mobile police officials destroyed marijuana and pills at the Brookley Fire Department & training unit today. About 300 pounds of pot, most of it in brick form was in the pile. The former evidence in drug cases is soaked in gasoline and then set afire.

The fire took over an hour to burn. Mobile police officials and state toxicologist Dr. Nelson Grub supervised the destruction. This evidence is about 6 months old. All the cases involved have been disposed of in court. Mobile police reportedly burn marijuana and other drug case materials every 6 to 8 months. This is Bob Kennon, Channel 10 News Beat."

We reached out to Mobile Police to find out how confiscated drugs are disposed of today. Police say once a judge signs off on drug evidence, it is incinerated at an undisclosed location.  MPD Public Information Officer LaDerrick Dubose says, "It's not like the old days where they sit around like a bonfire. It's a controlled burn."

Be sure to tune in to FOX10 News at 4pm every Monday for a look inside the FOX10 News Vault!

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