Every Monday at 4, we take you inside the FOX10 News Vault!

It's an archive of stories from year's past. Today we look back on the day after Thanksgiving in 1975. A rejected pay raise was creating tension between Mobile County commissioners and Mobile Police.

Channel Ten asked citizens at the time what they thought about the possibility of a police strike. 

Inside the “FOX10 News Vault”: 1975

“Today is the day after Thanksgiving and Mobilians may not have much to be thankful for come Monday as a strike vote has been called for by police over a defeated pay raise. 

Well—I don't think it's right. 

Robinson: You don't think they should strike.


Robinson: But you think they should have their money.


Robinson: What do you think sir-- do you think a strike it fair?

The police out there risking their lives for the people. I guess they should get paid more.

Well, I hope they don't because we need the police. But I hope they get the raise.

Oh, they should get their money. But if they strike, what's going to happen to this town.

Earlier this year city finance commissioner Gary Greeno proposed a 100 dollar, across the board, pay raise for city employees. 

In a meeting this week commissioner Doyle and Mems voted no and struck down the 100 dollar pay raise and improved a 4.5 pay raise instead; which resulted in MCLEA president John Price requesting a strike vote among local police this coming Monday. Norm Robinson, Channel Ten news beat.”

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