With Fat Tuesday a day away in 2020, we’re going back to 1975, when purse-snatching was one of the most common problems revelers had at parades.    

Jim Grace reports:

“During this year's Mardi Gras festivities there have been 8 purse snatchings, 5 disorderly conduct reports, 3 muggings, 2 incidents of public intoxication and one person arrested for concealed weapon. Chief of police Don Little says for the most part, crowds are orderly and motorists are cooperating and keeping parade routes open. Absent from this year's Mardi Gras is the National Guard, who in previous years, provided protection for parade participants. ‘Has there been an increase in problems police have during the parades?’ ‘no its actually placed naturally an extra burden upon of course ourselves and area law enforcement agencies and all of the area and local support people who support law enforcement agencies also.’ ‘well there's been a lot of purse snatching lately, what can people do to prevent some of this?’ ‘well of course there has been some purse snatching and it's happened during a time of the parade and i would think it would assist tremendously where it would be feasible, if ladies could discount the idea of bringing purses to the parade.’”


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