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This week, we're hearing from a truck driver, who was hit by a train in Downtown Mobile back in 1975. A good Samaritan pulled him from the wreckage. Reporter Jordan Ray takes you back.


Inside the “Fox 10 News Vault”: February 1975

"The truck involved with the accident with an L&N freight train at the foot of Government Street today was driven by Gary Pierce of Texas. He was en route to the Del Monte banana loft to pick up a load to go back to Texas. The impact of the collision rammed the intersection of the trailer and carried it down the track, and wrapped it around a power pole, thus, reportedly causing the whole truck to overturn. Diesel fuel could be seen flowing out of the tanks of the overturned truck. Mobile fire were called to the scene to eliminate the possibility of fire. According to officials, the truck belonged to the JT Arnold trucking company. The driver of the truck was asked what happened.


Pierce says, "Last I remember, I started to cross the tracks. I didn't see the train. I looked both ways and I heard a whistle when I was crossing the tracks and there wasn't no way I could get out of the way. I tried to outrun him, but when I heard him, he done got me." Pierce escaped serious injuries in the mishap, and was rescued from the overturned truck by a man who happened to be nearby.


The good Samaritan says, "When the engines hit the truck, it dragged him about a good 20, 30 feet. I knew that somebody was in there and I knew I had to help. So, I just went and got the man out of there. If anybody else was in there, I would have got them out too."


On February 4th (1975), an accident between a train and a tractor trailer truck at the same crossing took place, making the accident today number five. Several hundred spectators were gathered at the scene. Some were overheard saying the crossing needed flashing lights and a bell warning system to prevent such accidents.


Truck driver Pierce was helped on stretcher to roll away to an ambulance waiting nearby where he was taken to Mobile General Hospital, treated and released.


According to alleged sources, businesses along this section of Government Street are reportedly making plans to move out unless something is done to eliminate the situation between the L&N trains and the trucks. This is Jordan Ray, Channel 10 News beat."

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