Every Monday on FOX10 News at 4, we take you inside the FOX10 News Vault!

It's an archive of stories from years' past. Today, we went back to February 1975, when there was a concern about jails losing funding in Mobile.

"The loss of nearly a million dollars in federal and state funding was discussed during today's meeting with the state board of corrections here in Mobile. The board, meeting with the work release center on Dauphin street explained they received 250 thousand dollars less from the state this fiscal year and 700k less from federal revenue sharing funds. Commissioner LB Sullivan says this will mean a drastic curtailment of supplies and equipment staples for our state prison. “We're going to be out of businesses Mr. Vickers an answer to his question, the fourth quarter is July, August and September, because of the less money we have this year for operating expense and increase in cost of materials. Sullivan said later he doesn’t think they'll have to actually close the prison doors, yet, but conditions will be such they might as well. Sullivan says they hope the legislature will give them some emergency funding this year. On another subject, there were no objections when Sullivan said he was considering putting aged and infirmed male prisoners in a segregated section of Tutwiler prison for women to help alleviate overcrowded elsewhere. We have reached a point where we just do not have a place to put people, we were concerned for a while about them sleeping on the floor, but and this is not intended to sound facetious but just about got it at standing room only. The board emphasized that crime is increasing not decreasing and unless they get more funds and more facilities for the prison system, they may, in time, be forced to close all prison doors. John Keffer Fox 10 News Beat.”

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