Every Monday on FOX10 News at 4pm, we're taking you inside the "FOX10 News Vault". It's an archive of memorable stories from decades past. Back in the 60's, "moonshining" was big business in some parts of the south.

Special agents started cracking down on "moon-shiners" in the 70's. Reporter Bill Capo spoke to one man who says the illegal business was being phased out because the new generation was "too lazy to work!"

Inside the “FOX10 News Vault”: 1975

"Sites like this former still are becoming rare these days. Alcohol, tobacco, and firearms agents say this still in West Mobile County was broken up, and one person arrested over a month ago. One special agent says few people are making moonshine anymore. Now his agents find about one or two stills a month compared to about 10 to 15 they used to break up in the 1960's. It is becoming common for them to find patches of marijuana growing on or near the sites of former stills, being cultivated by one-time moonshiners. The reason is that moonshine is more expensive to make now. It is no longer as socially acceptable as it once was, and there are health reasons.

One resident, Marshall Young, says, "Well all the old people that would work, make it.. about dead and gone. And the young generation won't make it.. too lazy to work. They wanna fool with pot, something there ain't no work in. Ain't much available and ten years from now there won't be any at all."

Making moonshine is an art if you can call it that that has always been governed by traditions that's been passed down from father to son. Yet now if we're to believe people like Marshall Young, those traditions are being broken in favor of more profitable products like marijuana. Perhaps that's just another symbol of how much this country is being affected by change. This is Bill Capo for Channel 10 News Beat."

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