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Throughout the 70's, legislators were addressing health concerns posed by certain widespread air pollutants, including automobiles. In order to comply with new emissions standards, the price of luxury cars went up by several hundred dollars, which was a talker at the time. Sally Jasper takes us back.

Inside the “FOX10 News Vault:" Early 1980's

"This car, according to a Chrysler Corporation spokesman is what the big luxury cars of 1985 will resemble. It's beautiful, it's comfortable, and it can offer every luxury if a buyer can afford them after paying for all the required extras on the car. This doesn't make the industry altogether happy.

"The thing that concerns us is the conflict between all of the proposed legislation being considered in Washington.

The Emission Standards that is being advocated by the Carter administration will add another $300 to the car, over and above the Emission Standard being supported by the automotive industry. That standard will also reduce fuel economy by three miles per gallon.

Cunningham feels federal regulations are going too far by requiring expensive items that don't improve safety and emissions, saying the benefits derived aren't worth the high cost. In a nutshell, 24 agencies are working independently after requirements for Emission and Safety controls.

It will cost the consumer hundreds of dollars more than the auto industry is proving the present proposals are worth. This is Sally Jasper, for Channel 10 News Beat."

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