No sign of fox that attacked Spanish Fort man, neighbors on high alert


Still no sign of a rabid fox in a Spanish Fort neighborhood that attacked a man Monday afternoon. It has neighbors there, and all over the Eastern Shore, on high alert.With three attacks in just two days in Baldwin county, some folks who live in Spanish Fort Estates are being extra careful when they go outside. One woman told reporter Alexa Knowles she's carrying around a baseball bat from now on...just in case. And the Scarberry family isn't taking any chances either. After hearing about that fox attack in the neighborhood, their after-dinner family walk, turned into a family ride on their 4-wheeler. Protection, they say, from the crazy fox. "[I'm] thinking twice about, going for a walk or run without something for protection...even playing in the front yard versus the back yard, I think we definitely may be leaning towards the back yard since it's fenced in," said Rachel Scarberry. That's because the fox that bit their neighbor in Spanish Fort Estates hasn't been caught. The man was working in his yard Monday afternoon when the fox ran at him and bit him twice. A wildlife official has been out there looking for it, with no luck. And it was pretty bad luck for two men on the Rock Creek Golf Course too. A different rabid fox attacked them; one on Sunday, and the other on Monday morning. The victims were both treated at Thomas Hospital in Fairhope, where rabies medicine is on hand.With those three attacks, physicians have needed it more than they thought. After almost running out, now they're all stocked up. Nurse practitioner Lora Tomlinson treated the victims from the golf course. She says they'll now have to come back for a series of shots for about two weeks. "I would say this is more in a short period of time than I've seen in the past ten years," said Tomlinson. "This treatment, is going to save your life if you've been bitten."One simple thing experts say you can do is wear pants when you're outside, that way the animal can't touch the skin and pass on the virus. Also, if you are bitten, the best thing to do is thoroughly wash the wound before heading to the emergency room.

The most important thing, though, is being aware. If you see a fox, especially in the day, call animal control immediately.

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