A rare bird has made its home here in Mobile County and a Theodore woman has gotten to see it several times over the last few weeks and she got some pictures.

It is a yellow cardinal, normally it should be red.

Yellow Cardinal

Yellow Cardinal

In Karem Maldonado's backyard, the sweet sound of chirping is music to her ears.

“I love birds,” she said.

Maldonado’s backyard is covered in bird feeders.

“There's a lot of places for them to hide from like hawks and falcons, so this is a very safe haven for them,” she said.

Maldonado sees all kinds of birds, but one she has been seeing fly around her home over the last few weeks is one in a million.

“I call him Mr. Sunshine and I was completely blown away by how it looked and I knew what it was,” he said.

Before her first encounter with the yellow cardinal, she had only seen it in pictures.

“I thought it was a leaf because there's some yellow leaves right there and then I saw him get on the feeder and then at that point I was looking straight with my camera toward the feeder,” Maldonado said.

The rare bird should be red, like the others Maldonado sees on a daily basis.

Ornithologists said a mutation is why it is yellow.

“Cardinals are really abundant birds so one in a million means about every year there's one somewhere in Alabama,” said Geoffrey Hill, a professor at Auburn University.

Since the first sighting, Maldonado has been closely watching making sure her nine bird feeders are stocked, in case "Mr. Sunshine" or other birds are hungry.

“These are sunflower seeds and that's what they prefer, if you have that in your yard, they'll come visit,” she said.

A fitting food for a bird as bright as the shinning sun.

“Not in my wildest imagination, I would have never thought, not in my backyard,” Maldonado said. “Like why here.”

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