Parents of Davidson attack victim sue Mobile County Public School System


The parents of a freshman quarterback on the Davidson High School football have filed a lawsuit against the Mobile County Public School System.

The legal action comes after an alleged hazing incident at the school more than a week ago. According to Rodney Kim Sr. and Mary Kim, their son suffered a broken arm during the April 27 attack.

The Kims said their $12 million lawsuit will also ask for Davidson High School to forfeit the upcoming football season, the firing of the head coach and entire staff of the Davidson football program, all twenty football players involved in the attack to face felony charges, and to ban hazing in all high schools across the nation.

In the lawsuit, the $12 million dollars is broken down into chunks, $6 million for the victim, and $3 million each for his parents.

On top of the $12 million, the freshman quarterback's parents are demanding school leaders to get tougher about hazing locally. They're blaming the coaching staff and school administrators at Davidson for what happened to their son.

The Kims and their attorney held a news conference on Monday to discuss the lawsuit.

"They've taken from him his dream, how much is a dream worth? They've taken from him his dream of being a football player. He was a star football player...So 12 million, why 12 million? Because it's not enough for what they've left this boy with, he is damaged for life," said attorney Charles Bonner. "It's not the kids who beat him, who savagely attacked him, that are responsible. We expect kids to be kids. We don't expect adults to whom we entrust the lives and the safety of our children to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye and say nothing about this kind of violence."

"My son did not deserve this. And everyone is dragging their feet, it's going to long so that's why we're doing what I think is best for my family, and that's why we're moving forward with the lawsuit," said Rodney Kim Sr. at the news conference.

The boy's mother continued, "I don't understand why it's taking the Mobile Police Department so long to make these arrests. I feel like you guys (MPD) are pushing this under the rug, we aren't going anywhere, we're gonna be here...We're going to keep fighting, not only for our son, but for your sons and our son's son in the future. This barbaric behavior has to stop, it's going to stop, today."

Four players have been suspended since the attack and Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich said her plan is to prosecute as many students in the video as possible. We're told three of those students have been taken into custody.

"This is really really really bad behavior. The message needs to be sent to any young person who thinks this is funny or cute that it's not. It's a crime and the individuals that were doing this are going to be held accountable for their actions," said Rich. "We just can't tolerate this kind of behavior. We are going to charge as many people as we can."

MPD tells us investigators are looking into charging more of the players in the video as well.

In an interview with FOX10 News, Rodney Kim Sr. said some of the students involved still don't see anything wrong with what took place.

Since the video, we're told six school employees and at least ten parents have come forward to the Kim family about other hazing incidents at Davidson.

Superintendent Martha Peek gave us her reaction to the video last week, but since a lawsuit has been filed, we've been told to talk to the school system's attorney. He has not called us back.

Here is the full lawsuit:

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