PENSACOLA, Fla. (WALA) -- Three family members including a prominent Pensacola doctor are in jail after law enforcement said they operated a pill mill out of their office.  

This investigation started back in 2019 after complaints from pharmacists and citizens. 

“Like every profession, you have bad apples and unfortunately, that’s the case here,” said Special Agent Chris Williams.

The Florida Department of law enforcement announced charges against Doctor William Wilson and his wife Beverly Wilson and son James Wilson. All three accused of running a pill mill out of their clinic in Pensacola. 

“Doctor William Wilson was operating a pill mill at that facility. Multiple investigative techniques were utilized including interviews, surveillance, search warrants, criminal subpoenas, and reviews of evidence to further this case,” Agent Williams said.

The three are charged with conspiracy to traffic oxycodone

-unlawful use of a two-way communications device

-culpable negligence inflicting actual injury

-and scheme to defraud

Investigators say in 2018, the Wilson family prescribed over 100-thousand opioids, 100-thousand Xanax and nearly 30-thousand Adderall pills. 

One of those patients was an 18-year-old who visited Wilson’s office 10 times in 2018. 

The teen was found dead a day after receiving a prescription from Doctor Wilson’s office. 

“In his chart, there were no notes indicating any reason for the issuance of a controlled substance. On April 26th of 2018, he received a prescription for oxycodone. On the following day, he died of an oxycodone overdose,” Agent Williams said.

Right now, the doctor is not being charged with his death, but that investigation is ongoing. 

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