MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -- Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions also reacting to the deadly shooting at NAS Pensacola. He was in town Friday campaigning along the Gulf Coast for his old Senate seat.

"It's a tragedy. It can happen so fast in this world. They've got people with mental illness, you've got people that are just mean. Then you've got these foreign terrorists who are really at war with the United States and we have to recognize that," said Sessions.

While it can happen anywhere, Sessions calling it a sad day that those who serve and protect were attacked here at home on a naval base.

"You just don't expect somebody on the inside to turn on you and do this kind of terrible murderous act," said Sessions.

Sessions said while they have made progress at preventing terror attacks on U.S. soil -- he says the threat is still always there.

Sessions added -- even though it's paid huge dividends with some foreign governments, he admits he's always had an unease about allowing foreign military officers to come over and train. With a Saudi National pulling the trigger -- Sessions says it may be time to rethink the vetting process.

"Mainly the lesson for this is absolutley one thing -- we need to be more careful about who we admit and who we admit for training. This a matter that has gone on for some time. You have certain radicals in the Islamic world that are dangerous and threats to the United States. They just are. We wish it weren't so. Most of the people that have been trained here -- certainly haven't done this kind of thing... But it does make a big challenge for us," said Sessions. "And it doesn't take many... Even if it is a small percentage to present a real threat to us. So the President was right from the very beginning. I supported aggressively his proposal to limit the number of people who come in to these programs who could not be vetted."

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