PENSACOLA, Fla (WALA) – We are learning more about the gun used to kill three sailors and injure eight others. The FBI says the killer got the gun legally from a licensed federal firearm dealer just six miles from the base. 

The gun used, a 9mm Glock handgun, was purchased in July using a Florida hunting license, a loophole that allowed Mohammed Alshamrani to purchase a gun even though he was a foreign national and should not have been allowed one. 

Mohammed Alshamrani

The motive behind a 21-year-old gunman's attack on Naval Air Station Pensacola still remains undetermined, but the FBI is treating it as "an act of terror," a member of the agency said.

“Most people that buy guns don’t have a problem,” said Rick Renkin, a Pensacola gun shop owner. “It’s only a small percentage of people that cause problems with guns.”

According to a Yahoo News article that was published on Tuesday, the FBI warned gun shop owners more than six months before the shooting about the hunting license loophole. According to Yahoo, the warning was about “extremists and other criminal actors” using the loophole to buy a gun. 

“If he was properly vetted and he had the right and he was not obviously deranged and or a problem, I would have every reason to sell him a gun,” Renkin said.

Uber’s Lock and Gun on Fairfield Drive is reportedly the shop that sold the 9mm handgun. Fox10 news tried to talk to the owner, but was told no comment.  

A fellow firearm dealer, Renkin, who knows the owner says he believes the Uber’s followed all rules and laws.

“There’s nothing really we can do to prevent those problems except use our own judgement,” he said. Obviously, Naomi Uber felt he was okay and I would think that she would be just as good at figuring that out as I would be.”

Investigators said they are still going through the crime scene and will have that area locked down on base for some time.

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