Bond was set at $7,250 for 46-year-old LaSandra Dortch who was arrested Friday, February 8 and charged assault and hindering prosecution following a January 25 shooting at Davidson High School.

On the night of the incident, officers responded to a shooting at Davidson High School where two people were wounded. The victims, ages 17 and 20, were transported to the hospital.

According to authorities, Dortch's 15-year-old son is the accused shooter, however, police say Dortch hindered prosecution in the case as well as provided a false address.

"I'm asking the community to help us hold parents accountable," said Mobile Police Chief Lawrence Battiste during a press conference Friday prior to Dortch's arrest.

The shooting occurred following a basketball game between Murphy and Blount High Schools.

"In this particular case, a parent is engaged in doing bad behavior that has caused their child to get involved with the justice system at such an early age," said Chief Battiste.

When asked on Friday night, Dortch said she did not do anything wrong.

"I haven't done anything except for what my attorney told me to do, don't move until whether we know something or not," Dortch said. "Don't move until he's available to come with me. I kept in touch with her the whole time because she said he possibly was a witness."

For Mobile Police, enough is enough with parents not doing enough in our community to hold kids accountable.

"We want to send a loud resounding message to this community that when parents do not honor their responsibility given to them by God, that we will do our job and arrest them and ask the courts to hold them accountable," Chief Battiste said.

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