MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -- Porch thieves strike again. This time in Midtown Mobile. Hitting not one, but two homes.

Looking at the surveillance video -- several packages sitting on the front porch of a home in Midtown may be hard to see -- but they did not go unnoticed by thieves passing by.

The small red compact car seen pulling into the home's driveway. Two people get out -- the driver and a masked passenger. The passenger, who was masked was in full view and seen scooping up all of the packages.

The homeowner's motion security cameras sent him an alert.

"So he saw it in real time... Saw them coming up to his door. He called police, gave them the description. Unfortunately, they weren't able to get there in time to do anything about it," said Scott Tindle, neighbor.

Tindle lives next door. While the passenger was busy at his neighbors, the driver was stealing a package off his porch.

What they got was a couple of hundred custom designed porcelain Christmas ornaments his wife made.

"I don't think they got the score they were looking for," said Tindle.

While Tindle's loss can be easily replaced, his neighbors are set be wed this weekend and one of their packages contained the bride's rehearsal dress.

"It's just really unfortunate. We live in Midtown and we've never really had any major issues with crime. To have it happen in the middle of the afternoon... It's just kind of really disappointing... And I'm just thankful my kids weren't home," said Tindle.

A downtown business owner, Tindle is no stranger to crime. His restaurant Sylvia's at Fort Conde was hit early last month by a burglar. With this latest crime closer to home -- he's optimistic moving forward and has a message for criminals.

"Business is hard. So for us, it's just trying to get through the tough part, get through the grit part, and have that perserverance and go forward with relentless optimism," said Tindle. "So I have a great friend... He always tells me some of the best criminals have great aim but the wrong target. They're really good at accomplishing their goals -- we just need to get them a target so they can focus on something else."

The silver lining for Tindle's neighbors -- they tell me most of the stores are overnighting the stolen merchandise -- including the bride's rehearsal dress.

Meanwhile, authorities say if you're having something delivered -- especially around this time of the year -- have it delivered to a place where someone can accept it in person.

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