PENSACOLA BEACH, (Fla.) - A massive great white shark appears to be enjoying the typically uncharted waters of the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico, as conservationists track the 15-foot adult female, named Unama'ki, with the hope she is pregnant and they'll be able to protect her babies. 

This week, non-profit conservationist group OCEARCH, announced Unama'ki' pinged about 100 miles off the shore of Pensacola Beach. Though great whites aren't uncommon in the Gulf, they don't typically swim so far to the northeast. 

"She's definitely up there feeding on something," OCEARCH founder Chris Fischer said. "If these large sharks are visiting your shore, that means you have a balanced, healthy system. 

2,000 pound great white shark nears Alabama coast after pinging off Pensacola Beach

2076 pound, 'Unama'ki' as it is tagged by OCEARCH and released back into the water. 

Fischer, who just returned from leading an expedition with a team of conservationists, marine biologists and scientists, tells FOX10 News over the phone, Unama'ki could help preserve the ocean's ecosystem by giving off scientific data about where the Canadian great white shark is giving birth. 

"We have a phenomenal new development this year," Fischer said. "She might show us something that we've never seen before, which would be a huge breakthrough in solving this whole Atlantic-Gulf puzzle."

There could possibly be another great white headed up to the Alabama-Florida coast too. OCEARCH shows a much smaller white shark, Brunswick is west of Tampa and nearing the Florida panhandle. 

In June 2019, a group of divers claimed to come face-to-face with a suspected great white shark; one they captured on video. 

If you would like to learn more about OCEARCH, donate, or track marine life, visit their website by clicking here. 

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