There are so many issues parents have to consider before sending their children back to school.

FOX10 News interviewed a pediatrician with the Alabama Department of Public Health to get answers for you.

Dr. Karen Landers is a District Medical Officer with the department of public health.

We asked her what's the most important things for parents to keep in mind.

Dr. Landers said, "To continue to educate our children about social distancing, about good hand washing and good hand hygiene. And children two years of age and above who are able to wear a mask, in other words, children who don't have some specific reason that they cannot wear a mask such as a sensory deficit, or something of that nature, we really, really need to be encouraging the use of the mask."

As for whether the state health department has come out with recommendations for school systems planning to resume athletics, Dr. Landers said the department is providing information coming from the Centers for Disease Control.

Dr. Landers said, "We do want to remind that, even in the athletic setting, that there still needs to be adherence to the measures to reduce the spread of the virus, and this really cannot be overstated as these are the measures that we have right now to try and keep this virus under control."

But there are so many practical questions that don't have easy answers.

For instance, could a child playing football prevent from getting the virus in a football huddle?

Dr. Landers said, "Well, really, I think it would be certainly very difficult if a person were infected with SARS COVID-2, and had COVID-19.  And that's why it's also extremely important for persons who are ill, persons that have symptoms that could be compatible with COVID-19, to not be participating in school activities until such time as they have been diagnosed, if they have COVID-19, that they have completed their actual home isolation period."

And Dr. Landers also said, if that person has been a contact, they need to complete fourteen days of home quarantine

But everyone needs to be very vigilant about any signs or symptoms of the illness to try to reduce its spread

Dr. Landers mentioned the state health department is providing information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, about the virus and athletics.

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