Prosidee Pantry

Prodisee Pantry partner with school system, law enforcement to continue distributions in new location. (April 14, 2020)

BALDWIN CO., Ala. (WALA) - Prodisee Pantry said families can expect heavy traffic Tuesday if they are seeking food assistance or to volunteer with its 15th Mass Emergency Food Distribution.

Officials say residents should plan their route around the Hwy 181 - I-10 exchange divergent diamond closure and HWY 31 construction. And to allow extra time as traffic is slowed to a crawl around the entire area. If seeking food, you must arrive at Spanish Fort High School by 11 am.

If you are volunteering, they ask that you arrive before 8:30 am, unless you have been scheduled another time or location.

Read the rest of the release here: 

"Prodisee Pantry understands HUNGER and we are here for EVERY BALDWIN COUNTY FAMILY who is struggling to put food on their table due to COVID-19. We ask that each family bring proof that they live in BALDWIN COUNTY, a picture id and their patience as we provide fresh produce, basic canned food items and hope during this difficult time.

Prodisee Pantry has assisted 8,000 families with over 518 tons of groceries in just 14 weeks. We are preparing for our re-opening with our new normal on July 7th at our facility. We will be here providing food for families facing food insecurity during the COVID-19 Pandemic and other crises that may arise.

The most efficient way you can help fill the plates of your neighbors in need, is by giving online at This will help us restock and continue our food distributions. Because... it's about hunger at Prodisee Pantry."

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