Local leaders are coming together, working with families impacted by trauma. This is all in hopes of offsetting potential future incidents that stem from the effects of traumatic situations, like domestic violence, violent crimes, and deaths.

Those kind of events can alter a person's outlook, and potentially lead them down the wrong path. So, the Mobile Police Department, the University of South Alabama, the Mobile County Public School System, and the Health Department are teaming up with the city to offer support to people impacted by trauma. It's an initiative called "Project Thrive."

Several leaders involved with "Project Thrive" stopped by our studio during FOX10 News to talk about resources available to people dealing with traumatic situations.

During the interview, FOX10 News anchor Lenise Ligon spoke with Commander Curtis Graves from MPD’s Office of Strategic Initiatives, along with Dr. Candice Selwyn from Women’s Mental Health & Trauma Services, and Andy Gatewood, Director of school security for the Mobile County Public School System.

**Following information provided by Project Thrive:

Project THRIVE

Trauma Healing and Resilience In the Wake of Violent Events

Who Are We?

Project THRIVE is a multidisciplinary coalition lead by the Mobile Police Department Office of Strategic Initiatives to address the effects of trauma on the citizens of the City of Mobile.

What is Trauma?

Trauma is "an event, series of events, or set of circumstances that is experienced by an individual as physically or emotionally harmful or life threatening and that has lasting adverse effects on the individual's functioning and mental, physical, social, emotional, or spiritual well-being."

What is a Trauma-Informed Community?

A Trauma Informed Community is a community where people realize the prevalence of trauma, recognize the impact and responses to trauma, and resist practices that could cause more harm.

 Being a trauma-informed community means that Mobile has made a commitment to engage people from all sectors - education, juvenile justice, faith, housing, health care and business - in a common goal. That common goal is reducing violence in our community.

There are only six (6) cities recognized for their Trauma-Informed Approach:

-Philadelphia, PA

-San Francisco, CA

-Walla Walla, PA

-Kansas City, MO

-Worcester, MA

-Tarpon Springs, FL

Mobile would be the only trauma-informed community in the state of Alabama and the only one in the Gulf Coast Region.

In January 2017 through December 31, 2017, 102 juvenile victims of gun crimes were identified in the City of Mobile.

19 of the 102 reporting victims sustained gunshot wounds.

An attempt was made to contact each victim identified to offer services relative to their victimization. Of the 19 victims sustaining injury,

-5 Accepted services

-7 Were non responsive to services

-6 Declined services

-1 Detained at Strickland Youth Center

Possible reasons for declined/unresponsive

- Misunderstanding of what trauma is and/or what it looks like

- Belief that the victim is unaffected

- Stigma surrounding mental health treatment

Services and referrals provided by the MPD Family Intervention Team:

- Counseling referrals for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy provided by

Lifelines Family Counseling

- Court Advocacy through parental support

- School Advocacy through parental support

- Housing/Relocation referral assistance through Housing First and The

Neighbor Center

- Victim's case management and follow-up provided by the MPD's Family

Intervention Team

Violence and trauma are linked to the onset of chronic disease and mental health problems, and caring for chronic diseases represents the most costly and fastest growing portion of healthcare costs for individuals, businesses, and government.

If you need help healing from trauma, contact Project Thrive's case management team at 251-208-6061 or 251-208-6384.

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