Queen of clean: Making your own dust cloths

Queen of clean: Making your own dust cloths

Making your own dust cloths is quick, easy and they work beautifully to remove dust and polish your furniture. The "Queen of Clean" shows you how.

Buy some inexpensive microfiber cloths. Fold each one in half. You will also need some lemon oil. Buy this at home stores and some grocery stores. It is not a spray polish, but rather undiluted lemon oil.

Lay out the folded cloths and run a zig-zag pattern down one side. Roll the cloth up and then wring it tightly, as if you were wringing water out of clothes. This will distribute the oil.

Put the cloths in a labeled container with a tight lid. To use, take out a cloth, dust and put it back in the container.

When the cloths are soiled, fill a bucket with warm sudsy water. Soak the cloths, rinse, wring and hang to dry.

Retreat using the same method. These will dust and polish without leaving buildup on the wood.

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