A food safety alert that could mess up your Thanksgiving dinner plans because of a potential danger at the dinner table.

At restaurants and grocery stores from coast to coast, romaine lettuce is off the menu and off the shelves.

“Devastating,” said Heidi Kinsella. “I am a huge fan of romaine lettuce, I never make a salad without romaine lettuce.”

The CDC said 32 people have been infected with the strain of E. Coli in 11 states and it has been linked to romaine lettuce.

The FDA is warning everyone not to eat any brands, until they figure out which is causing the problem.

“I've tried salads and coleslaws and nobody ever wants that for Thanksgiving, so luckily I do not have it on my menu plans,” Kinsella said.

“It doesn’t concern me personally because I don't buy it,” said Pharrie Rogers.

Foodborne illnesses is not a joke, the CDC said 1 in 6 Americans gets hit with it every year and romaine lettuce has been a cause in the past.

Earlier this year, an outbreak involving romaine lettuce killed five people and sickened 210 in 36 states.

“I have been extra cautious lately with washing the romaine lettuce, but I use a lettuce spinner and double wash it and its great,” Kinsella said. “So this is sad for us romaine lettuce lovers.”

Not only can you not buy it, but health officials said if you have it, toss it.

“I have one little head left and I’m going to eat it because it hasn't bothered me and then I’ll just refrain from buying anymore, until I hear otherwise,” said Clayton Ryan.

Multiple stores in our area have pulled romaine off the shelves, including Publix, Greers and Rouses.

Some of the symptoms of E. coli include severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, and fever.

The CDC warns that this strain of E. coli is especially severe.

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