UPDATE: Investigators have identified the suspect as Jevon Lamar Husfelt. He's charged with two counts of attempted homicide and is being held at the Santa Rosa County Jail with no bond.


A father and daughter were stabbed inside their house in Milton early Thursday. According to Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office, it happened on Kabel Drive before 6 a.m.

FOX10 talked to the roommate who provided details. According to Terri Warrick, it was the daughter's boyfriend who stabbed the father and daughter. She said it was 5 a.m. when she heard a loud banging noise in the daughter's room.

"I jumped up went out to the hall. He said it again...open the door, he said I'm going to kick it in." Warrick said the next few moments happened so fast. The father confronted the boyfriend.

Warrick explained, "Within a second he was right there and came around with his hand. I thought he hit him (the father). They kind of struggled for a second."

According to Warrick, the boyfriend ran off and she called police. She added, "We still didn't know that a knife was involved."

Warrick said the father had a knife lodged in his left temple and the daughter was bleeding from multiple stab wounds. She said the daughter and boyfriend were dating for a few months and doesn't know why he would hurt the family.

"As far as I know he's always been a very good kid," said Warrick. She said the daughter and father are expected to make a full recovery.

Santa Rosa deputies said a person of interest is in custody. Warrick and other neighbors told FOX10 the father was a retired deputy for Santa Rosa County.

"He had 35 years of law enforcement experience," said Warrick.

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