Roy Moore campaign rally in Fairhope on Tuesday


Roy Moore will once again be campaigning in south Alabama Tuesday, December 5, 2017. In what could be his final campaign stop in our area, he’ll be making another stop at Oak Hollow Farm in Fairhope. Moore made a stop there once before in September before the run-off. That’s when he pulled a gun out on stage to show his support for second amendment rights.

That made for a memorable visit. The gun stunt got a lot of attention, but it didn't surprise many of his supporters.

The special election for the Alabama US Senate seat is just over a week away and campaigning is reaching a fevered pitch. President Donald Trump has now voiced his support for the Republican candidate, former Alabama Supreme Court Justice, Roy Moore, despite those recent scandalous allegations. Organizers said the south Alabama vote is critical and the Moore camp told them to book Oak Hollow Farm again for good luck.

But now, the attention has shifted to the sexual misconduct allegations against Moore. His opponent Doug Jones, and his supporters are now taking aim at Moore's character.

"I want us to get back to where I can proud of our elected officials, where what they say is what they mean and what they do. And my biggest concern is I don't quite understand how folks could be focused on voting for someone who twice, twice, put his hand on the bible and swore to uphold the constitution of the United States and then was removed from office for not doing so," says Denise D'Oliveria, an avid Doug Jones supporter in Baldwin County.

Moore has spent the last few weeks denouncing those accusations of sexual assault and misconduct by multiple women who claim links to his past. But, Moore found himself amid some controversy even before that. As we mentioned, on his first campaign stop to Oak Hollow Farm, he pulled out a handgun on stage, waving it in the air. Rally organizers said that move wasn’t surprising based on what they know about him.

“Judge Moore is Judge Moore and Judge Moore is going to say ever what Judge Moore wants to say and he’s going to do whatever he wants to do and he will be a man of character like he always has and he’s a firm believer in the second amendment,” said Baldwin County businessman and event organizer, Dean Young.

Recent polls show a close race. Local Moore supporters believe south Alabama is a key area in the December 12, 2017, election and hope Tuesday’s rally will help give him the edge. Young is leading his campaign efforts in Baldwin County.

“He’s coming back to south Alabama again to let the people know he loves them, he cares about them and he needs their help. He needs their vote,” Young said. “Without them, it won’t work.”

And opinions for both sides have made this a heated race, with heated rallies. We saw that during Moore's last stop in Theodore last week. That tension is a main reason why the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office will have their deputies in Fairhope for security.

"It would be naive of us to pretend that it's [tension] not there. But that being said we have very experienced law enforcement officers there, and I will say the guys that are in the venue those are being provided at the expense of the Roy Moore campaign. The sheriff's office will provide additional deputies outside that footprint, in addition to a sort of contingency plan," says Major Anthony Lowery.

What started as a ticketed event is now open to anyone who wants to come. President Trump’s former Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon was at the September Moore rally and will be at this one as well. The event starts at 6:30 p.m.

The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office is heading up security for the private event. Lowery says the security detail will be normal for an event like this, however, there is a contingency plan in place which they are not discussing. We're told Fairhope Police will also have a couple officers on site and there will be a private security detail serving as bodyguards for Moore.

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