As Mardi Gras season gets underway some of the most enthusiastic fans will be spending a lot of time in RVs in Downtown Mobile, but this year there is some changes to RV City.


Some say the changes are good because it is promoting safety, but others are saying it takes away from some of the fun.

The first parade was held on Saturday on Dauphin Island and RV City is already taking shape.

“I'm happy to be here,” said George Tarver.

He is talking about the changes the city has made to their RV village.

Public safety leaders brought up safety concerns like if a fire or emergency were to break out. So starting this year there is more space between each camper.

“I don't like it as much as we did because we had four groups with one little square, but hey it is better than nothing,” Tarver said.

Organizers said there are 80 less spots in RV City this year and part of that is because RVs can no longer park under the overpasses anymore because the city feels it is a safety issue.

“We kind of understand because the way we were in there before,” Tarver said. “We were discussing if one camper caught fire it would be a chain reaction as close as all these places were.”

“I've been here at least eight years and so far it could have happened, but it has not happened,” said Valarie Sanders.

There was concern late last year that RV City would be no more, but Mayor Sandy Stimpson quickly issued a statement saying it would be back, but would look a little different.

For many they are just ready to have a good time.

“We come down here on the weekends from the time we're here now all the way to Mardi Gras day,” Tarver said.

Also this year because of the new arrangement there will be no public parking available at the site, forcing people to find other places to park during parades.

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