Samsung Galaxy Fold

The luxury foldable-screened phone that can run up to three apps at once when opened into tablet mode!

Samsung unpacking a host of technology during an event in San Francisco: from a compact, premium device to a visionary, 5G-ready offering, and a new, foldable smartphone.

The launch event also included the new line-up of Galaxy wearables: Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit/Fit Lite and Galaxy Buds. But the internet seems to be most impressed with the foldable smartphone. 

The Korean smartphone giant showing off its highly anticipated "Galaxy Fold" phone. There will be both an LTE and 5G version of the phone.

It will come in several colors including space silver, martian green and astro blue. 

The Galaxy Fold will include features like:

  • 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display: the world’s first, which folds into a compact device with a front cover display for easy, one-handed use
  • Our Most Versatile Camera Yet: No matter which way you hold—or fold—the device, a camera will be ready to capture the moment
  • App Continuity: Make intuitive, seamless transitions between the cover and the main displays. As Galaxy Fold opens and closes, apps will automatically show up where you leave off.

But, get ready to cough up nearly two grand for it! The "Galaxy Fold" has a sticker price of $1,980. Consumers can get one starting April 26th, 2019.

Some of the most interesting features on the Galaxy S10 include:

  • Wireless PowerShare: this allows you to use the phone as a wireless charger, for a friend’s phone or your earbuds or smartwatch
  • Ultra-Wide Lens: a 123-degree, Ultra-Wide Lens that’s as wide as the human eye, so what you see is what’s in frame
  • Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner: the phone’s screen has the first-ever Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner embedded right in the screen
  • Intelligent Camera: Shot Suggestion offers expert recommendations so you can frame your photo better than ever

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