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FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WALA) -- Fairhope Police said the second man involved in a road rage incident on Greeno Road has been identified and arrested.

Investigators said 54-year-old Windell Earl Robinson of Daphne turned himself in to police on Wednesday on a charge of criminal mischief.

According to police, Robinson met with investigators in Fairhope after seeing his picture on the news Monday night a few hours after the incident.

Investigators said Robinson got out of his vehicle and jumped on the hood of another car in traffic, breaking the windshield with his foot. The other man involved, Maurice Mayo, then got a gun from his vehicle and pointed it at Robinson who was standing on the hood of the car.

Mayo told FOX10 News he pulled the gun in self-defense because he was scared for the safety of his pregnant girlfriend who was driving the car.

Police said Robinson told them that Mayo first approached his vehicle and kicked the rear of his car and ran back into his vehicle.

In a press release, Fairhope Police wrote, "Robinson stated that he left the scene because the man (Mayo) had a gun pointed at him and Robinson’s 12-year-old daughter was in the vehicle. After the incident, Robinson never attempted to contact or notify the police of the incident and did not acknowledge his involvement until he saw his photo on the news."

Robinson was charged with criminal mischief and posted bond shortly after he was arrested.

Police said Robinson is hearing impaired, but that should not any affect on the case. 

FOX10 News reached out to Robinson to see if he wanted to share his side of the story. He was not able to go on camera today because he did not have a sign language interpreter, but Robinson said not everything Mayo said happened is true. 

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