TILLMAN'S CORNER, ALA. (WALA)- FOX10 News continues to investigate a devastating storage unit fire in Tillmans Corner. The fire happened more than two months ago, but until now, leasee's at the Red Dot Storage were not allowed back on site.

FOX10 News was there as folks sifted through the rubble.

"I'm really not expecting much, but I'm hoping, hoping for something. I've got gloves and a flashlight so hopefully that will work and I've got my work boots on so hopefully I won't step on nothing bad," Shane Griffey told FOX10 News before he entered the Red Dot Storage facility for the first time since the fire.

He was somewhat hopeful he might find anything worth salvaging. That hope turned to disappointment when he left with little of the memories packed inside.

Showing FOX10 News some of his findings, he said, "Some mugs and a photo album. This is my wife's son when he was a baby."

He said it's not much compared to what was in the three of his units.

The same sense of let down for Shirley Hatton who's since hired a lawyer. Her son is a traveling nurse, now in Guam. most of his belongings were inside this unit. Everything of his except his childhood baseball card collection turned to ash.

Through tears, Hatton said, "Just everybody's stuff just lying on the side, all burnt up."

A Similar realization for many people FOX10 News talked to. The flames leaving very little untouched.

One man digging through the rubble said, "The fire was hot enough to disenegrate a fire safe...it just turned into ashes, chalky..it was one hot fire."

Leasee's we spoke to, still left in the dark on what caused their unit to go up in flames.

Griffey said, "Oh, we definitely would like to know the cause of what happened. There's a few theories going around but nobody's gotten anything solid."

When FOX10 News tried to go onto the property to ask about a cause of the fire and get a closer, we were quickly asked to leave.

A woman working at the facility told us, "We have no comment today. We're trying to work with the tenants...Please get off the premises"

Another complaint we heard from multiple people is the time red dot storage is allowing them to sift through their belongings. It's during the day, on a Wednesday. Some people took off work to be here but others couldn't.

We reached out to the Red Dot Storage CEO, but haven't heard back.

red dot storage inside

The Alabama State Fire Marshal's office tells us the fire is still under investigation.

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