Prichard Murder suicide

A horrifying twist to what Prichard Police are calling a murder-suicide.

They say the incident was witnessed by one of the victim's two young children.

Relatives say they are seven and five.

Police say they found Tyvontae Johnson and Jasmine Fields shot to death early Thursday morning in the 2900 block of Bellemeade Drive.

Jasmine's sister, Tajuana Fields, said, "We received a call almost close to 1:00 that my sister was deceased, laying on the ground where her former boyfriend had killed her and he killed himself."

When asked what was going through her mind, Tajuana said, "Lord, let this not be true. Lord, let it be a joke."

Tajuana and her daughter, Markesha Hicks, talked about Jasmine.

Tajuana said Jasmine was "spunky, fun, she's what you would call a rainbow. She's always nice, always laughing, always silly."

Markesha Hicks said, "It's bad, and I really feel sorry for her because she just called me thirty minutes before, and she was dead in the next thirty minutes."

And Tajuana says Jasmine's two children were inside a car at the scene and watched the whoe incident happen.

When asked how they are doing, Tajuana said, "My little niece, she's crying saying, 'My mom, my mom, he shot my mom and I loved her so much.'

And my nephew, he's just been crying and hes actually been sleeping a lot."

Prichard Police say a third victim, Shemeka Stabler was hospitalized for a gunshot wound to the chest.

Tajuana says Tyvontae Johnson fired the shots, and that Shemeka Stabler is a hero.

Tajuana said, "She tried to stop him while he was trying to shoot her."

She also said, "She jumped in front and he shot her first before he chased my sister down and shot her down."

Police say the incident is domestic related.

Tajuana said, "I just want everybody to just think about domestic violence. If you know anybody thats going through this, please try to get help for them."

Tajuana says Jasmine had issues with Johnson in the past.

She said, "We just hope that anybody in this situation, get out, get out and get help, please."

Prichard Police say they'll be seeking counseling for Jasmine's two children through the Mobile Child Advocacy Center, but Tajuana says she plans to take care of them.

The family has established a gofundme account. 

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