jackson shooting

Jackson County sheriff's investigators have charged six people, including a 16-year old charged as an adult, in a shooting that occurred November 29. A seventh person who allegedly had the weapon at his home, is also charged.

Sheriff Mike Ezell says deputies responded to Ocean Springs Hospital where they found a man who was being treated for minor gunshot wounds. The sheriff says the man told investigators his car was shot at several times while he was at Shaw Street and Lemoyne Boulevard around 11:00 the night of November 296.

Investigators determined the shooting was an attempted armed robbery. On December 2 and 3, the following suspects were arrested:

Jaylan Kirkland: 20 years old, Ocean Springs, $10,000 bond each charge

Abbie Mayfield: 21 years old, Ocean Springs, $10,000 bond each charge

Matthew Ramsey: 18 years old, Ocean Springs, $10,000 bond each charge

Aleasha McGinnis: 18 years old, Ocean Springs, $10,000 bond each charge

Kinlea Stephens: 19 years old, Ocean Springs, $10,000 bond each charge

Richard Figueroa: 16 years old, Biloxi, $10,000 bond each charge

They have all have been charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and shooting into a motor vehicle.

Also, Sheriff Ezell says, on December 4, investigators and the South Mississippi Metro Enforcement Team served a search warrant at the Gulf Park Estates home of 28-year old Kejuan Davison. There they found the gun that was allegedly used in the shooting. Approximately seven pounds of marijuana, two other firearms, an assortment of ammunition, and approximately $6,000 was also recovered. Davison was charged with felony possession of marijuana with a firearm enhancement. He is awaiting an initial court appearance.

All suspects are currently in the Jackson County Adult Detention Center.

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