Foley High School

Foley High School

FOLEY, Ala. -- Officials in Baldwin County say a social media threat from the holiday break continues to circulate and to concern community members.

Officials said Friday the schools were not on lockdown, but we are told an arrest was made.

Parents of students at Foley's elementary, intermediate and high schools were sent the following message:

"This message is to let you know that law enforcement, school administrators and the school system are aware of a social media post saying that a student is going to “shoot up the school” [NOTE: See update below on actual language used in the social media post.], referring to Foley High School. This social media post, placed online during the Christmas/New Year’s break, has been investigated by the Foley Police and the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office. This matter continues to be monitored by law enforcement because the social media post is still being circulated. Please help us stop this social media rumor. Foley schools’ resource officers, county and city law enforcement agencies, and the school system work diligently every day to help keep our campuses safe.  Law enforcement agencies are providing additional patrols because of the concern generated by this post.  Anytime you have a concern, please contact school administrators or law enforcement agencies directly. Thank you for allowing us to provide this factual information to you. We appreciate your assistance in helping stop social media rumors."

UPDATE ON JAN. 12: Baldwin County public schools communications director Terry Wilhite on Saturday sent the following email to news media, correcting and clarifying the language used in the original social media post:

This message is to clarify our e-mail to you regarding the social media threat at Foley High School. The screen shot media has on file and Foley PD has on file DOES include the words “shoot up the school.” It appears now those words were not written by the arrested student. The original social media post did not say “shoot up the school”. To quote the original social media post directly, it said, “F— up the school.” The superintendent is not excusing the fact that a threat was made. Thank you for allowing us to correct our e-mail to you, and I apologize for the inaccuracy of our message. 

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