Mobile County Public Schools and Mobile Police are investigating social media threats to two schools in the county.

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One of the threats appears to be legitimate, while the other looks like it is not valid.

The school system told FOX10 News Reporter Tyler Fingert that Mobile Police made an arrest in the Theodore High School threat case. We are told the person arrested is a minor who does not attend the high school. That suspect will be charged with making a terrorist threat.

Police are still investigating the 7th grader accused of making the Clark-Shaw Magnet School threat, at this point they have not announced if he will be arrested.

Clark-Shaw Magnet School

Clark-Shaw Magnet School

Police believe the Theodore High School threat was not valid, but they said the Clark-Shaw Magnet School one is legitimate.

The Mobile Public School System and Mobile Police said both school campuses are safe and kids can go to class Monday without worrying.

"The situation is under control and does not pose a threat,” said an automated voice recording sent to parents of students at Clark-Shaw. “It is safe to come to school tomorrow."

Families of students are still concerned about the threat even though police will have extra officers on both campuses on Monday, out of an abundance of caution.

“My heart dropped because of the idea of that happening here, so close to home, is just terrifying,” said Sheryl McDonald, who has a niece that goes to Clark-Shaw Magnet School.

She said when she saw the post she was very concerned.

“The first thing I thought of, not only her, but all of the other kids, they're precious we can't not afford to lose them,” McDonald said.

The threat to Clark-Shaw Magnet School reads in part, "I will come to school Tuesday with an AR-15 if I get rejected one more time."

“I immediately got on my phone and started calling people because something needed to be done and I just panicked myself,” McDonald said.

The post caught the attention of the school system and Mobile Police, but it was not the only one.

A post being linked to Theodore High School was posted anonymously.

The school system said an arrest has been made in that threat case.

Police said it appeared to have started out of state and they said students are not at risk, but it is still concerning for Theodore High School parents.

“To know that there have been a threat with all the things that have been going on through the years throughout the United States, several people have been killed, several kids have been killed, it's concerning to me,” said Cossie Pines, who is the father of students who attend the school.

Police are continuing to investigate the Clark-Shaw threat, they said they have made contact with the 7th graders parents and they are currently doing a risk analysis on the student to make sure he is not a threat.

“All threats are serious, you need to investigate, you need to make sure that everyone is safe,” McDonald said.

Mobile Public Schools said the student in the Clark-Shaw case will not be on campus tomorrow and it is safe for students to come to school.

A school district spokeswoman tells FOX10 News Reporter Tyler Fingert they take threats like this very seriously as their concern is for the safety of students and staff.

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