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UPDATE: Summerdale Police now say that a CBD product it originally claimed contained THC did not actually contain the active ingredient in marijuana.

The bottled water product sold at a gas station. Police said an officer tested the product and it came back positive for TCH.

After police posted about the test on its Facebook page, officers conducted a second test on the product. That test came back negative. Summerdale Police said they will no longer use the the testing method that came back as positive.

Police released the following statement:

Earlier today one of our officers obtained a random CBD product sold locally. The officer tested the product with a test commonly used by law enforcement to test for Marihuana. This test is known as the Fast Blue B Salt test. This test is designed to test for Marihuana Hashish and THC and indicates with a tan or brown colored result. The test indicated positive on both real marihuana and on the CBD product. We followed up by testing the product with another test, the Duquenois - Levine reagent test which is also designed to test for marihuana, hashish, and THC. The CBD product did not test positive on this second test.

The Facebook post was never intended as a slight against any CBD product or company, however it has exposed the deficiencies in the Fast Blue test and we will discontinue using this test going forward. The Facebook post was intended to point out that the testing methodology for tests must be better vetted to insure that no one is penalized or arrested based on a false result of a test used by an officer. The product tested was chosen randomly and should not be taken as a reflection on that product or brand.

Depending on the methods used by the many multi-panel drug tests, it is safe to assume that a fast blue type test in one of those tests could also render a positive result. Anyone considering using these products should check their employer’s drug testing policy.


SUMMERDALE, Ala. (WALA) -- Police in the Baldwin County town of Summerdale say they found THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, in a bottled water product sold at a local gas station.

According to police, the product claims to have no THC.

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On its Facebook page, the police department posted this message, along with the accompanying photograph:

Just an FYI, we tested random CBD Water from a local gas station that claims there is no THC in it, only CBD oil, and it failed 2 field tests. This does not give us the amount of THC, just that there is some present. 

The FDA does not regulate CBD products, and while legal in Alabama it’s still iffy. We know some companies hold drug tests and could have negative consequences at work. 

The test on the far left is real Marijuana, the middle one and one inside the water are just the CBD water. All 3 have positive test results.

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