Suspect in parking garage attack granted bond

Douglas Dunson (MPD)

The man accused of attacking a woman in downtown Mobile this week was very briefly in court for a bond hearing Thursday morning.

Douglas Dunson, 43, is charged with attempted rape and assault of a woman Tuesday at the RSA Tower parking garage.

Dunson was not in the courtroom long Thursday morning. A short time after expressing that he wanted to represent himself, Judge Jill Phillips sent him back to Mobile County Metro Jail for talking back.

The suspect has a criminal history. In 1996, he went to prison for first-degree robbery and assault and second-degree burglary, officials say. Police say he also has a history of misdemeanor sex crimes in the area.

After he was kicked out of the courtroom during the bond hearing, Assistant District Attorney Tandice Hogan continued to with proceeding. With such a long rap sheet, Judge Phillips ordered Dunson held without bond, saying he was a danger to the community.

"Since he's been released from the department of corrections, he has escalated on his type of criminal behavior that has been right here downtown," Hogan said. "It started with just disorderly conduct, some of the public intoxication, and then it went to public lewdness and indecent exposure which he has done several times in the past couple of months."

According to officials, the attack at the parking garage happened two days after Dunson was release from his last encounter with the law.

An arraignment hearing is set for June 11.

Police say the attack on the woman Tuesday happened around 9:20 a.m. in the RSA Tower parking garage on Water Street. MPD says the subject was found on top of the victim as she was struggling against his efforts. Dunson was seen running from the location pulling up his pants.

Police say when they responded to the incident, the victim was very shaken up. She was taken to the hospital. She has since been released.

An RSA spokesperson sent FOX10 a statement this morning about the crime. It reads: "The battle house tower is fully cooperating with the mobile police department and has heightened security in all of its mobile parking decks. our tenants' safety is of the utmost importance to us."

This afternoon police walked through the parking garage to see what security was already in place and make any suggestions to RSA on how to improve security so a crime like this doesn't happen again.

"This is a pretty open parking garage. It's pretty easy for people to get into," Public Safety Director James Barber said. "There is a lot of walk through traffic also that occurs between the RSA and YMCA and so again, what type of measures can they reasonably take to secure the area from unauthorized entry and certainly people that are up to ill will."

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