A two-year-old Fairhope boy found himself in a tight spot after crawling inside an arcade game. It happened at Rotolo’s Pizzeria Monday night, January 4, 2019. Ezra Ingersoll was playing a game where a claw drops on a prize when he apparently got tired of waiting and took matters into his own hands. He crawled through the prize door, inside the game and couldn’t get out.

Kelsey and Adam Ingersoll are parents to the determined two-year-old. A day after the incident, all they could do is look back on it and laugh. Ezra had already put it behind him, but the experience won’t be one they’ll let him forget.

“My daughter came running over to me and was like, ‘Mom, Ezra’s in the machine.’ We thought it was maybe like a basketball, one of those basketball games. We didn’t think you could actually climb into a crane game. It was never a worry of ours,” said Ezra’s mother, Kelsey Ingersoll.

Out for dinner with family and friends, what Kelsey Ingersoll found when she went to check on her son was truly bizarre. Her son had managed to squeeze his way inside a claw-drop, arcade game. She and her husband attempted to get him out.

“We tried to, but the door would only open inwards so it was pushing on him so we couldn’t get him out,” Ingersoll explained.

Rotolo’s Pizzeria employees quickly called for help and began making a plan. Since there was no key on site, the machine had to be disassembled. Fairhope Police and Fire Departments worked with employees to get into the machine while mom and dad tried to keep Ezra calm.

“Once we got the top off, we looked at a couple of different things and decided the best way was to put one of our firefighters on the opposite side of the machine, in there where he could pick the boy up and lift him out to mom or dad,” Fairhope Fire Chief, Chris Ellis said.

Toddler gets stuck in arcade game

Two-year-old Ezra Ingersoll crawls inside arcade game and gets trapped

After about 20 minutes, all ended well. Mom said you never know what to expect with Ezra.

“I mean, I’m curious to see how he turns out,” Ingersoll said. He’s got great determination, very much the adventurer, but he hasn’t quite done anything like this before.”

Yes, Ezra did get to keep his prize and Rotolo’s offered to have the family back for pizza on them. Rotolo’s general manager said he’s heard of this kind of thing happening before, but this is the first time it’s ever happened at one of their restaurants.

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