PENSACOLA, Fla. (WALA)-- Sheldon Liddell was working when he was killed hauling lumber in Lillian.

"He took care of his family and that's what he died doing, going to work providing for his family," said Tracie Reaves. 

His sisters say he loved driving trucks,"He loved his job. He did," said Natalie Watson.

They say Thursday morning their older sister called so shocked she couldn't remember their brother's age.

"She was like ‘did you hear it on the news? I just heard it on the news saying Sheldon Ray Liddell was in that wreck, in that accident, he died and he was like how old is he? how old is he?’”

The news took them by storm. Their brother's semi truck burst into flames after being hit head-on killing him and the two people in the other car.

"I just hate he had to go that way."

The sisters say their biggest regret is not having any closure.

"Not able to say goodbye or not able to identify him or you know, that's the sad part about it. But, like I said, the consolation is knowing that he died doing what he loved."

He was the baby of 10 kids.

"Up until now he was the baby boy. He wanted to have his way. He thought he could have his way and we let him have his way."

His sisters remember him as a hard working man, the life of the party, someone his nieces and nephews looked up to.

"He loved people, he loved his church and you know, he was just Sheldon. It's hard to describe him. He was always jubilant."

Liddell was 48 years old, married with two kids and grandchildren.

The family says in their eyes this was truly an accident. They want the families of the two other young men who died in this crash to know they are praying for them.

Troopers say it could be months before they figure out what caused the other driver to swerve into the oncoming lane. 


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