Twitter doubles tweet limit to 280 characters


Twitter is ending its iconic 140 character limit. The San Francisco-based company rolled out a 280 character limit for most of its users Tuesday.

That doubles the original 140 character limit that Twitter has maintained since it launched in 2006. Users tweeting in Chinese, Japanese and Korean will still have the original limit. That's because writing in those languages uses fewer characters.

Twitter began testing longer tweets in late September, and found that once the novelty of tweeting longer wore off, most people in the test group didn't use all of the available characters.

The company says the move is all about eliminating any frustration of shoe-horning thoughts into 140-characters, a limitation that regularly makes for awkward grammar and creative spelling.

The goal is to get more people tweeting more to help with user growth. Twitter has been slowly easing restrictions to let people cram more characters into a tweet. It stopped counting polls, photos, videos and other things toward the limit.

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