MOBILE, ALA. (WALA)-It's one of the most highly profiled missing person's case in our area. Brittney Wood disappeared without a trace 6 years ago. Soon after, nearly a dozen family members and close friends were arrested in a child sex abuse ring.

Through the years, Brittney's mother, Chessie Wood, never gave up the search to find her. Sunday, she, along with missing Mobile woman Danniella Vian's mother-in-law, lead a Mobile County search looking for any signs of Brittney.

With a plan, a prayer and shovels in their hands, Wood, Julie Thomas and a handful of others set out to search the wooded area across from Travis Road Baptist Church in Mobile County for any trace of Brittney Wood.

Wood said, "We have covered this whole road of Travis Road, except for this spot, because many years ago when we were here we got a lead that took us off of Travis Road and we have realized that so we came back to eliminate this area."

Wood hasn't seen her daughter since May of 2012. Authorities said Brittney went missing after visiting her uncle, Donald Holland Sr., in Baldwin County. He committed suicide just days later.

Like Wood, Thomas knows the pain of missing a loved one her daughter-in-law, Danniella Vian hasn't been seen for over 3 months now. That common denominator has brought the two together.

"She reached out and just basically let me know that she's been there. She knows what it's going to be about and she's there for me if I needed her and I have needed her," Thomas said.

Wood said, "When Danniella came up missing she was a young mother and I connected to her so I reached out to Julie and she kept saying that I was there for her but she's been there for me also."

A bond between the women that they wouldn't wish on anyone else, but it's that same bond that gets them through.

"She's been doing it for six years and she still doing it so that tells me that I need to have that as well regardless of what it takes. We just need to keep going until we find them," Wood said.

Sunday's 11-acre search turned up empty of any clues, Wood said she'll never stop searching.

She said, "It's been six years and her daughter is getting older by the day so we want answers for our grand babies. That was my answer six years ago and it'll never change. This is all for my grand baby."

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