It’s a case that will have you thinking twice before you reach for the gas pump. Loxley Police said a man was pricked by a hypodermic needle that someone taped to the handle at a Stapleton convenience store. The victim has yet to meet with investigators and police said they have no suspects.

In this case, Loxley Police said their victim did the right thing and sought medical attention right away. While it’s not uncommon to have patients go to the ER who’ve been poked by a random needle, the way it happened in this case definitely is…almost considered an urban legend. Add Stapleton to the short list of places this has now happened.

“It’s hard to go off into someone else’s mind and wonder what they’re thinking when they’re putting something together like this to hurt a random person,” said Lt. Doug Phillips with Loxley Police.

In 2017, a San Bernardino, California man claimed to have also been pricked by a hypodermic needle fastened to a pump handle at a gas station in Moreno Valley. Police there took a report and it received considerable media attention, but no arrest was ever made.

Loxley Police said they’re spoken with the victim on the phone and have asked him to file a report. So far, he has not. Investigators said the victim told them he went to North Baldwin Hospital, but they’re not been able to confirm that.

If you’re accidentally pricked by a needle, Dr. William Beazley with South Baldwin Regional Medical Center in Foley said there are steps you should take.

“Basically, wash it with antibacterial soap and water. Then I would say dispose of the needle in a Sharps container. They do not need to bring it with them,” Beazley said. “Then, follow up with a healthcare provider…either emergency department or their primary care provider. There’ll be some lab testing that needs to be done.”

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