TSA service dog

Canine Susie of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) canine teams is seen with her handler, cargo inspector Elizabeth Koslow, during a media availability demonstration at the warehouse of Cavalier Logistics at Dulles International Airport July 2, 2008 in Dulles, Virginia.

(Meredith) -- While many dogs in government training go on to have successful careers as service animals, there are always dogs that don't quite make the cut.

There are a number of reasons dogs don't graduate from service training, ranging from a lack of drive to being "too friendly."

Luckily for these mild-mannered dogs, the TSA has an adoption program to find forever homes for the pups that just aren't cut out to work for them.

For those interested in adopting dogs like German Shorthaired Pointers, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, your new best friend might be ready to come home with you after failing TSA training.

For more information on adopting dogs with personalities that didn't fit with TSA training, click here.

There are other organizations that also work to find ex-service and would-be service dogs forever homes.

Mission K9 finds senior service dogs homes after they retire. Freedom Service Dogs of America trains dogs in shelters to become service dogs, but like the TSA, there are dogs that aren't cut out for the job. The organization then puts the dogs up for adoption. Service Dogs Inc. is another organization that works to find dogs forever homes that didn't graduate from service training.

If you can't find your perfect friend through one of these organizations, don't stop there -- make sure to visit your local animal shelters to meet more adoptable animals.

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