(Meredith) -- When a Texas mother had nowhere else to turn for help, she took her 11-month-old son to a fire station to keep him safe. 

Corterra Payton said she had no intention of leaving her son at the station and returned an hour later to pick him up. 

The mom desperately needed assistance after she got into an argument with her boyfriend Monday night at an apartment complex in Houston, KTRK reported. She immediately grabbed her son and left.

Payton called her family in Cleveland, Texas, about 50 miles away -- but they could not make it. She also tried a homeless shelter. It was after midnight, and a worker told her to come back in the morning. 

She even thought about sleeping in her car but feared the worst: What if someone decided to harm her and her son?

"Either that or they will see me sleeping. A woman, guy, somebody will come by the car and say, 'Oh, she sleeping in the car with her baby, we fixing to call the police," she told KTRK.

As she began to run out of options, Payton made a difficult decision. She dropped her son off at Station 68, and told the firefighters her story. They welcomed her son with open arms. 

"Thank you God!" she said. "Because I know they have a law with firefighters, the baby shouldn't be over 60 days. And they still took him, so I am thankful for that."

She left the station and returned an hour later. By that time, Houston police officers had arrived.

"Everybody was like, what's going on? Why are you doing this? And I told them my situation," she said.

The officers understood, and took Payton and her son to a CPS facility.

Payton said she plans to stay with family until she gets back on her feet. 

"As long as he's safe, that's what the concern is about," she said.

Information from KTRK via CNN Newsource contributed to this story.

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