(Meredith) -- Two pair of glasses are expected to fetch up to $3.5 million each at auction after touring New York, Hong Kong and London.

Sotheby's is showing off these spectacles from the 1600s that are thought to have belonged to royalty from modern-day India.

What makes them so special are the jewels used to craft them. One pair called the "Halo of Light" features lenses cut from a diamond that may have been 200 carats.

The other pair -- called the "Gate of Paradise" -- has lenses believed to have been cut from a 300 carat emerald.

The craftsmanship suggests the specs' design were influenced by gemologists from Europe who visited the Royal Mughal Court -- which ruled the Indian subcontinent.

Residents of that area believed these jewels had special significance. By looking through them, they believed one could channel good luck, ward off evil and offer a glimpse into paradise.



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