(Meredith) -- A man in Florida is lucky to be alive after an intense encounter with an alligator.

According to WPTV, Mark Johnson, 61, was walking his dog when he was attacked by an 8-foot gator after getting his foot caught in the mud.

When the alligator noticed that Johnson was stuck, it lunged at him and sunk its teeth into his leg.

"He (the alligator) starts clamping down pretty tight," Johnson told WPTV. "He started to pull, and the next thing I do, I instantly, here's my fingers, I poke through the eye."

He said that during the attack, the alligator kept trying to pull him under the water, but after he poked its eye, it retreated.

Johnson survived, but he did receive 62 stitches in his right leg.

His dog, Rex, was unharmed during the attack.

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