(Meredith/CNN) - Scientists captured stunning video footage of a massive ocean creature off the coast of Western Australia.

The Schmidt Ocean Institute (SCI) said a team of researchers spotted the organism, a type of siphonophore related to jellyfish, while studying a deep-sea environment known as the Ningaloo Canyons.

"Check out this beautiful *giant* siphonophore Apolemia recorded on #NingalooCanyons expedition. It seems likely that this specimen is the largest ever recorded, and in strange UFO-like feeding posture," the institute wrote in a Twitter post.

While the whole thing looks like one animal, SCI said it's actually "thousands of individuals which form an entity on a higher level.”

"It's made of millions of interconnected clones, like if the Borg and the Clone Wars had a baby together. There are about a dozen different jobs a clone can do in the colony, and each clone is specialized to a particular task," wrote Rebecca Helm, an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina Asheville, who started a Twitter thread to add context to the video.

SCI said the entire organism is roughly 154-feet long, which is about the size of an 11-story building!

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