(WCHS/CNN/Meredith) --  A West Virginia mother is trying to warn others after a woman pretending to work for Child Protective Services tried to abduct her daughter from her own home.

The mother, Porscha Bias, told police that the woman knocked on her door and claimed to work for CPS -- saying there were claims of drug abuse in the home.  

 "And then she pulls out a drug screen, a cup to pee in. She said, 'Can you pee right now?' I said, 'Yes' without even thinking,” Bias said. 

When the test came back clean, the woman started checking the little girl for bruises. She told the mother she was going to have to take the child away.

"She grabs my daughter and starts taking off. So, I grabbed the closest thing that I could, which was a metal curtain rod that's on my porch, and I started chasing after her,” Bias said. 

The mother then took her daughter from the woman and ran back into her home and called 911. 

Capt. McSutherland, from the Logan County Sheriff's Department, said he’s never seen a case quite like this. 

"Generally, in a situation like this, someone tries to take a child there's an ongoing custody battle, some situation. But there's nothing, there's nothing in that sense occurring here. This is just, I'm not going to say random. I can't say for certain why this child was attempted to be kidnapped,” he said. 

The sheriff’s department is looking for the suspect based on the description Bias provided. But, the woman was wearing a surgical mask, which will make it harder to identify her. 

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